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  • What is Super Elf Bowling?

    Super Elf Bowling is a bowling game with a humorous twist: instead of typical bowling pins you have Santa's elves. It is a 3D version of the original Elf Bowling, which was released in 1998 and became popular enough to inspire a film adaptation.

  • What are the controls of Super Elf Bowling?

    The game's controls are straightforward and use the mouse. Move the mouse to aim the ball; pull back and hold down the button to decide to decide the strength of your throw; and release to throw the ball.

  • What modes does the game have?

    The game has three modes. 3D Mode is the main one, and sends you to a 3D bowling alley. Classic Mode returns you to the 2D roots of the Elf Bowling series. Finally, Slingshot Mode adds a number of wacky twists, from slingshot-propelled balls to explosions.

  • What is the difference between Super Elf Bowling and a typical bowling game?

    Aside from the Slingshot Mode, which introduces various comical new gameplay elements, Super Elf Bowling is for the most part merely a cosmetic twist on traditional bowling. For the most part, the main distinction will be the elves' habit of taunting the player during the game, a habit not found amongst ordinary bowling pins.

  • What is the difference between the playable characters?

    The game offers a number of playable characters, such as Santa Claus, Mrs. Kringle and so forth, and each one as their own set of statistics in terms of ball weight, spin power and accuracy. It is also possible to create a custom character using statistics that you decide yourself.

  • Is Super Elf Bowling multiplayer?

    Yes, as well as the default one-player mode, the game includes a two-player mode where you can take turns with a friend. Also included is a mode where you can compete against a computer-controlled opponent.

  • Is the game free to play?

    The basic version of Super Elf Bowling is free to download and play, but lacks many of the features found in the full version, which requires a paid fee. These include the alternative bowling alleys, all characters besides Santa, the multiplayer and Vs Computer games, Slingshot Mode, Classic Mode and Kid Mode.

  • What age range is the game suitable for?

    While the elves' taunts can get decidedly cheeky, the game is suitable for all ages. Super Elf Bowling even includes a special Kid Mode that makes it easier for younger players to get to grips with.

  • How many frames are there per game?

    There are ten frames per game, and two balls per frame, unless a strike is scored with the first ball. It is possible to earn a third ball in the tenth frame through scoring a strike or spare.

  • What alleys are available in the game?

    The full version of the game includes six different festive-themed bowling alleys where you can try your skill against the elves: Ice Alley, Toy Factory, Candy Factory, Cruise Ship, Roof Top and Hockey Rink.

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